Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 2 weigh in: Nothing to see here

Well, well, well, the more things change, the more they just stay the same.

In order of total awesomeness:  Current Weight (lost this week)

Matt: 191 (-5.3)
Craig: 159 (-4.0)

Laura: 151.6 (-3.8)
Shawn: 139 (-2.0)
Scott:  235.8 (-2.0)
Della:  138.2 (-1.0)

I'm sure you are all shocked to see me at the top of the list.  Least surprising thing since the Redskins losing a winnable game yesterday.  I'm pretty impressed though, everyone lost weight this week.  It's a good start if nothing else.

If I was handicapping this, I'd put my money on Scott as the person with the highest upside (read: obesity) to win this contest.  That said, he spent yesterday fatting down some wings and pizza.  I keep hearing about a "boot camp", we'll see.

I'll be honest, until you people start doing something to impress me, I don't have a lot to say.


"I'm starting boot camp tomorrow.  You's are all in trouble!"

TIP OF THE WEEK:  Try being less fat!

Until next week, EAT MORE BACON!

On to the grid:  Results

Monday, September 17, 2012

Season 2: We are getting the band back together again

UPDATE 2:  Yet another fatty fat fat to join the club.

UPDATE 1:  Another sad fat contestant has agreed to participate.

It's been a delightful few months since our final weigh in back in April.  So delightful, in fact, that we now need to have another weight loss competition.  Mmmmmm donuts.

Any way, this season we are adding two additional contestants, mostly because they have no self control either and we feel sorry for them.  Just don't tell them that we said that. (wink, wink)

The rules:

  1. Try to be less fat, I guess that is a suggestion, not a rule
  2. Contest runs from Monday September 17, 2012 to October 26, 2012.  This is to avoid the death march situation experienced this past winter.
  3. If you are not first, you are last.
  4. Winner is the person who loses the highest percentage of their initial weigh in weight.  
  5. If the WINNER still looks fat after their victory, the other 3 competitors can vote to not allow the WINNER to eat his/her burger.  Just kidding'll get your burger...calm down.
  6. Weigh in must occur at wake up on Monday and be text'd to all competitors.
The prize:

Since there are girls involved we can't do the best prize ever invented, 5 random slaps whenever you want them for life.  The winner of this competition will be treated to a delicious burger at Burger 21 in Westchase. Following the burger, each LOSER will buy said WINNER a beer of his/her choice at World of Beers in Westchase.  

Question from the peanut gallery: "But Laura, lives 3 hours away.  How is she going to pay up or collect her prize?"

Answer from the asshole: "How in the hell should I know.  You sure are expecting a lot from someone who has a blog with the laziest title of all time."

On to the initial weigh in:

Weight (change):  196.4 (0.0)

Weight (change):  141 (0.0)

Weight (change):  155.4 (0.0)

Craig (Male)
Weight (change): 163 (0.0)  

Della (NEW)
Weight (change): 139.2 (0.0)  

Scott (NEW)
Weight (change):  (0.0) - Just kidding Scott, you are skinny   237.8

The grid will debut next week since today it would be utterly fucking pointless.

Until next week....EAT MORE BACON!