Friday, October 26, 2012

Season 2 Final Weigh In: And the winner is no surprise

There it is, the prize.  Only one proud soul will get to down such a yummy platter at no cost.  His name is:

Craig Mallon

I'd like to tell you that we gave Craig a challenge this week, but that just isn't really true.  As a true champion, Craig did not take his foot off the gas.  The truth is, Craig brought it hard every week but one.  And there is always a bounce back week somewhere.  You'll have to ask him what he did, I have no clue.  All I know is this, he kicked the ever living shit out of every single one of us.  Good for him, couldn't think of someone who deserves it more.

Now that we are done going down on Craig, let's see the final standings:

1. Craig Mallon  SW: 163.0     FW: 144.5        CH:  -11.85 %    LOST:  18.5 lbs
2. Matt Morgan  SW: 196.4    FW: 181.0         CH: -8.09 %       LOST:  15.4 lbs
3. Laura Baird    SW: 155.4    FW: 143.8         CH: -7.69 %       LOST:  11.6 lbs
4. Scott Wyler    SW: 237.8    FW: 225.0         CH: -5.48 %       LOST:  12.8 lbs
5. Della Wyler    SW: 139.2    FW: 135.0         CH: -3.04 %       LOST:  4.2 lbs
6. Shawn Zollo   SW: 141.0    FW: 137.0         CH: -2.84 %       LOST:  4.0 lbs

Wow!  Great job everyone.  That is a total weight loss of:  66.5 lbs

Let's take a look at some other stats stats:


I added the Body Mass Index (BMI) measure to our tracking this contest at the request of Scott.  I have long since felt that the BMI was a very flawed measurement.  Now that I am in the GREEN (Normal weight), I still feel the same way.  That said, I'm sure it is better to be in the GREEN than the ORANGE or RED.

At the beginning of our little contest we had the following:


Today, the numbers are much improved:


Talk about turning the scales on BMI.  I can tell you that Shawn is only 1 lb away from GREEN.  We almost went 5 GREEN and 1 ORANGE.  And, our ORANGE started as a RED.  Here are the changes in BMI for each fatty:

Additional Notes:

- Big comeback week for Della.  Posted he best week in the final week.  Keep it up Della, looks like you have found your stride.
- Shawn turned around, what looked like real mess a few weeks ago.  Keep up the hard work.
- Only 1 contestant lost weight every week (Scott is omitted from this stat until he weighs in).  That person is also super handsome.  (crickets)  It's me assholes.
- Not surprising, our 2 lowest weight loss contestants also had the most number of weight gain weeks at 2.
- Shawn distanced herself from the win with a double whammy of back to back weight gain, shortly before righting the ship down the stretch.
- Other than week 1, Craig held the lead the whole contest.
- MEN completely crushed the WOMEN:  25.43%  - 13.57%
- Laura holds the best BMI at 22.52.  Scott holds the worst at 28.89.
- Craig, not surprisingly, lowered his BMI the most:  -3.08

I don't think it is overstating one bit to say that we, well me, since it was my fucking idea....I CURED OBESITY.  STFU about the small sample size...I DID IT!  I'm a HERO....still.

Until we all gain the weight back in the next 3 months and need to do yet another weight loss contest.....EAT MORE BACON.  Della...this is for you too.

UGLY FEET:  In order of this week's awesome quotient

Craig:  144.5 (-4 lbs)  Overall: 11.86 %

Della:  135 (-2.0 lbs) Overall: -3.04%

Matt:  181 (-2.0 lbs) Overall:  -8.09%

Shawn:  137 (-1.5 lbs) Overall:  -2.84%

 Laura:  143.8 (-0.8 lbs) Overall:  -7.69%

 Scott:  Forgot to weigh in.  Will send tonight.  Estimates no change.


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