Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 6 weigh in: Crushing it into the final week

Wow!  People were just crushing it this week.  As we hit the final week of this contest, the leader has again distanced himself from the competition.  Laura is coming on strong and taking over 2nd place.  Shawn stopped her slide and Scott lost weight despite going on a trip and fatting down wings all weekend.

In other news, Della is making a claim to the "Actual Biggest Loser" title.  Shawn looked to be the favorite as recent as last week, but then Della said:

"Screw Shawn, I can eat more donuts than that skinny bitch!"  (this quote sponsored by Dunkin Donuts)

Observations from the week:

Craig - Vomiting on Saturday night might have been a plus and not the minus we all thought at the time.  Stay classy!
Laura - This walking fast shit apparently works.
Me - Still awesome!
Scott - Don't go on trips during weight loss competitions.
Shawn - Do go on trips to Laura's house during weight loss competitions.
Della - (crickets)

And now, once again, the ugliest feet in Florida.  In order of awesome quotient.  The weight, not the feet.

Laura - 144.6 (-3.0 lbs) Overall: -7.14%

Craig - 148.5 (- 3.0 lbs) Overall: -9.0%

Shawn - 138.5 (-1.5 lbs) Overall:  -1.76%

Matt - 183 (-1.8 lbs)  Overall: -7.0%

Scott - 225 (-0.8 lbs)  Overall:  -5.48%

Della - 137 (+0.2 lbs)  Overall:  -1.58%

This contest ends FRIDAY!

If you don't want to be heckled at the award dinner, you'll need to suck it up and stop being such sissies.  


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  1. Come on can do it...mama has a present for you if you win...bribe....bribe....bribe....