Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Week 5 weigh in: Uh Oh


Uncontrolled weight gain in the Mallon/Zollo household.  

You would think that having a spouse participate in the same competition would provide support and encouragement.  It sounds like the type of environment that would allow both parties to succeed.  YOU WOULD BE WRONG!

Brutal week for those guys.  Time to re-focus!

It really is a tale of two households this week.  Scott crushed it this week...absolutely crushed it.    Big change for a guy that started the competition by fatting down hot wings all Sunday long

And if that wasn't enough, someone told Della she was in a weight loss competition.

With Craig's slide this week, we really have a good competition for the stretch run.  If Scott can keep this up, he CLEARLY has the MOST FAT to LOSE.  But, hot wings are good.  Bacon is good.  Ask Shawn and Craig.

MEN vs WOMEN contest update:  Mercy rule, women lose.

On to the pictures of the ugliest feet in Florida, still in order of weekly AWESOME/TERRIBLE depending on whether or not you crapped all over yourself and gained weight.


Scott - 225.8 (-5.2 lbs) Overall -5.13%

Della - 136.8 (-1.2 lbs) Overall -1.73 

Matt - 184.8 (-1.2 lbs) Overall -6.03


Laura - 147.6 (0.0 lbs) Overall -5.11


Craig - 151.5 (+1.0 lbs) Overall -7.19%

Shawn - 140 (+2.0 lbs) Overall -0.69%

 Final Note

Della should send Shawn a fruit basket or bacon basket to say thanks for ending her awesome streak in the cellar of this competition.  How did we not make a rule for the actual biggest loser?  These two will be fighting it out for last place down the stretch.

Current Standings (2 weigh in's to go)

1. Craig (7.09) 
2. Matt (6.03)
3. Scott (5.13)
4. Laura (5.11)
5. Della (1.73)
6. Shawn (0.69)

On to the grid.

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