Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 3 weigh in: Power Rankings and some shocking results

Simply performing at a level that is clearly above everyone else.

Craig 153 (-6.0 lbs) Overall -6.22%

Holy crap!  What a week!  After being tied for 2nd, Craig decided to have an eff you guys week and dropped 6 lbs.  Safe to say that right now, Craig is in his own tier for the power rankings.

These guys are steady performers that will be in contention week in and week out.

Laura 148.8 (-2.8 lbs) Overall -4.3%

Matt 188.8 (-2.2 lbs) Overall -3.9%

Not ready to contend, but with one big week, they could become instant contenders.

Shawn 137.5 (-1.5 lbs) Overall -2.5%

Scott 232.4 (-3.4 lbs) Overall -2.28%

I feel like this tier is pretty clear.  It's for people who forgot they were in a weight lose competition.

Della turned in a real stinker this week.  So that we stay encouraging and not point out to Della, in front of everyone, how truly awful her performance was, here are some tips:

  1. Don't eat Donuts.  I thought this was clear.
  2. If you eat ice cream alone in a dark closet with a fork, it still has the same number of calories.
  3. Each week when I sign off with EAT MORE BACON...probably don't actually try to eat more bacon...especially at this point.
  4. When you add a bucket of fried chicken to your side salad with light might be missing something....but it certainly isn't calories.
  5. Milk those things before you weigh in next time.

Della 138.6 (+0.4 lbs) Overall -0.43% 

Now, back to my hangover.  Hail to the Redskins!

Until next week, EAT MORE BACON (**Not you Della....seriously)

***Note:  The women are getting their asses handed to them.  I'm just too big of a gentleman to rub your noses in it.  Craig is almost beating the women by himself.  If we could only pinpoint the weakness on the ladies team...if only.

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